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the soiled dove of Miss VB

Wow, I feel so honored lately. I have so many projects going on that…

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Wow, I feel so honored lately. I have so many projects going on that I couldn't be more excited about..this one is near completion..and I reposted a bit from his journal about it.

please excuse me Geoff but I felt prompted to repost this as I really was touched..

He wrote this in regards to the dvd he's working on using some of the narrative from my short stories based on diary entries. The others contributing to this project are Lydia Lunch and Iris Berry!

To watch it go here

He wrote this in his journal..and it nearly brought me to tears...aww damn.

"After spending the past few years just shooting erotica, and getting so bored with everyone discussing beauty and alternative beauty and fetish beauty and just about every kind of physical beauty and anti-beauty and so on and so forth, ad nauseum (with an emphasis on the nauseum) I realized what should've been patently obvious in the first place--which is that for me this obsession with physical beauty totally misses the point of life...somehow, there's way more beauty in a poignant story like this of zora's than there is in all the shiny latex encased asses on the planet combined...now I finally allow myself to disengage from the vapid dialogue of physical beauty and whether or not "erotica is about love whereas porn is about sex" (like anybody truly gives a rat's ass) and present what I find beautiful, and what little bits of real life keep me spellbound when I can slow myself down enough to look at them."

The second will hopefully be a short story for the new amazing book series Instant City which is about people's memories of ..San Francsico.

Hey Gene, stop drinking that cheap wine..so you can get Motor City Sex and Guts running..I have plenty to contribute.

Also Sid's making that movie about the SF Death rock/punk era of the 70s/80s which he's asked me to be in..hopefully filming will start this summer.

and on the lighter side of things..I believe I may start go go dancing for one of my favorite 'spooky' gothabilly bands.. Oh baby..
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