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the soiled dove of Miss VB

acrostic postulated whore
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I spent some time in an abandoned building recently. I cut myself on a steel rod inserted in the concrete and a nail jutting from broken life, I lifted the worthless antidote of structure and realized..this is sex .. the longitudinal stress, this collapsing, this is God

"Mystery has its own mysteries, and there are gods above gods. We have ours, they have theirs. That is what's known as infinity."
Jean Cocteau

"There are four kinds of Homicide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy."
Ambrose Bierce

feel the love

we are all just a palate to satiate the senses

graveside stomp, waking love should be outlawed, one dashing corpse part 2.
of my doppelganger

"the patron saint of the noose.
if only she'd smile a little more we could then see those pearly, scaffold teeth..."

other interests are spilling: base wine, bestial stammel, coarse ponceau, crass terra rosa, crude crimson, eyesore claret, forbidding livid brown, grisly prussian red, gross damask, ignoble goya, inappropriate madder rubine, indecenct coquelicot, indecorum cordovan, indelicate chrome scarlet, amidonaphthol red, loutish roccellin, lowly azolitmin, mauvais gout burgundy, meretricious vermilionette, obscene infrared, parvenuism in realgar, philistine carminette, ribald solferino, savage brick, teratism alizarin, the brutal sanguine, the tasteless burnt ocher, unbecoming puce, uncouth hellebore red, unrefined faded rose, unseemly fuchsine, unsuitable cardinal, vinegar aspects of carmine, vulgarity alizarin

21 12 21, [sic] abandonment, a linear chromatist, abstract thought, acquisitive sadism, allegories of shame, alley frigs, anais nin, antechanmber to the 'room', antiques, antonio gaudi, anything naughty, art deco society, artaud, assisted suicide, autistic sensuality, automatic writing, autonomous dimensions, axinomancy and lychnomancy, baby octopi, baroness elsa von freytag-loringhoven, beardsley key notes, being a boot whore, belly daemons, black mirrors, blue smoke, brandishing arsenals, charles starkweather, cleidomancy, closets, collective narrative, corrosion club, count olaf, craps/running cons/x cons/cons, crimes of passion, criminology, cult manifestos, curio cabinets, dada exploitations, dangerous crapulence, dead end carnivals, deformities, dementia, derringers, digger wasps, dirty pillows, discarded knives, dissidents, eight eyed spy, electronic voice phenomenon, estate sales, feeding lions, flightless-hummingbird, fluxus, flying axons, fornicating in tool sheds, frantic oblivion, french porn soundtracks, frisky frolics, fruits magazine, funeral directors, gangsters, georges montalba organ works, glass eyes, grand guignol play bills, guillaume apollinaire, handwriting analysis, his paramount salient point, houdini's mansion, italian pop lounge music, junkyard sluts, linex cyber lounge, liquid sky, long red halls, lustmord, making silent films, maldoror, mannequin hands, marchesa luisa casati, mario bava, mia, mina loy, mistinguett and mata hari, molotov cocktails, mongolian death worms, morticians/mortuary arts, murderpop, mutter museum oddities, my doppelganger/the doppelganger, my pretty corpses, nightmare alley, nymphos, onychomancy or dermography, out of tune pianos, pa mama, palindromes, pasolini, paxton gate, pissing people off, psychological terrorism, pyros, raped, red cross orthopedic shoes, rhebaumaus tate, rib cages, richard e grant, richard wagner, roman polanski's curse, s hawking, sadobabies, santeria mishaps, satyrs, screamylectric, sex toy warrantees, sid terror, sleeze, snarly teeth, soiled garters, speakeasies, stereoscopes, strobe lights, subreption and subversive tactics, surrealism or symbolist art, synaptic clefts, taxidermy, the black lodges, the devils, the house of exorcism, the inhabited asylum, the larvae, thin white dukes, tin pan alley, tiny tim, toilet talk, tolstoy, toy be bop, uncle bill, unconsciousness, vagina dentata organ, vaudeville, vexating spells, victorian erotica, voltaire, voyeurism, weimar berlin, worship at my feet, your dead eyes