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la 31-a de marto 2005

(neniu temo)

I need a French translator! I can speak some and understand the language but I cannot read it accurately. I have to translate Irina Ionesco's interview. Anyone?

la 19-a de februaro 2005

(neniu temo)

Please note in regards to the previous entry about my privacy being compromised by someone involved in work with me, and finding my lj offensive... I will keep ALL comments screened. I can't even take the chance of my friends being targeted. Some losers have nothing better to do but sabotage me. Edit to add: I had to take all my friends off my list because of privacy reasons as well. The last thing I need is for my friends to be harrassed. But please keep me on so I may read yours..

la 14-a de novembro 2003

(neniu temo)


(neniu temo)

So the Cock blessed the cunning ..

the school master said to its students.. "And you will learn to multiply!"

and all the pussies played games.....


(neniu temo)

But I let you fall back like diving-bells into chaos. You shall leave it never more. For me it is enough to have retained the memory of you. You must make room for other substances, less beautiful perhaps, and spawned by the stormy excesses of a love that has resolved not to slake its thirst anywhere near the human race. A ravenous love that would devour itself did it not seek nourishment in celestial fictions: creating, in time, a pyramid of seraphim more numerous than insects swarming within a drop of water, it will intertwine them into an ellipse which it will cause to whirl around itself..Excerpt from the screenplay adaption of Maldoror, with stills from the movie.

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