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Hotel Hopscotch and the BBC

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Hotel Hopscotch and the BBC

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Our film Hotel Hopscotch has now played four film festivals, one of which was in SOHO and may be aired on tele via the BBC soon. We also received an award at the Lucid Underground Film Festival. As if it wasn't exciting enough to have my autobiographical work shown in my hometown at the SF DocFest last year, now it's showing at the Bend Festival where the host will be John Waters! I'm beyond myself with this one. And the winners will receive a huge cash award for further funding of its distribution, up to 25,000 dollars. I don't know how much the shorts are up for but anything that can help with the completion of the full length feature my short will be a part of; 'Portraits From the Fringes' will be greatly appreciated. Geoff deserves the funding for all the hard work he's done. During the time of the Bend Festival in Oregon it will be showing in Austin where Geoff is expected to appear. Please see his website at
http://www.punkerotic.com/main.php. The others that will be contributing are Lydia Lunch and Iris Berry along with Geoff himself.
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